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Impressions de Chine 10 Commemorating the 35th anniversary of the founding of China 11 Fol Chinesische Bambuspapierherstellung 12 Hendrischke, Hans J. An illustrated history of printing in ancient China 14 Billings, Burce H. Publishing, culture and power in early modern China 22 Barker, David. Chinese academic and research libraries Wu, Jianzhong. Verbreitung und Einfluss der deutschen Ästhetik in China Lee, Mabel. Landscape, culture, and power in Chinese society China. The Song-Yuan-Ming transition in Chinese history 93 Weston, Timothy B. Realms of freedom in modern China 95 Lackner, Michael. Research guide for China’s response to the West 5 China : an index to European visual and aural materials 6 Per lo stuio della rivoluzione cinese 7 Wilkinson, Endymion. An introduction to the sources of Ming history 11 Vargas, Ph. An annotated bibliography of sources in Western languages 12 a-b Die Volksrepublik China und die Entwicklungsländer 13 Siemers, Günter. The human tradition in premodern China 6 Santangelo, Paolo et al. Live, hatred, and other passions: questions and themes on emotions in Chinese civilization 7 Louie, Kam (ed.). Sources in Chinese history 9 Segalen et la Chine : écriture intertextuelle et transculturelle = 謝閣蘭與中國跨 文化互文性寫作 / Qin, Haiying (秦海鹰) C 105 Nachschlagewerke 1 2 Source materials in Chinese history Yang, Lien-sheng. Wegen en gestalten der chineesche geschiedenis Eichhorn, Werner.

Traditional techniques in contemporary Chinese printmaking 23 Kong, Shuyu. Libraries and society in Shanghai 1840-1949 = 图书馆与社会 C 7 Bibliotheken : Bibliothekskunde / Geschichte des Buches 1 2 3 4 5 6 Drège, Jean-Pierre. China vom Opiumkrieg bis zur Gegenwart 14 Kamachi, Noriko. Bibliographie zu den deutsch-chinesischen Beziehungen 18601945 24 Müller, Meike. Research tools for the study of Sung history 26 Song, Yongyi. The Cambridge companion to modern Chinese culture$ 8 Atwill, David G. Topics in Chinese history Standortregister China 11 3 4 5 Gentzler, J. A syllabus of Chinese civilization Mackerras, Colin. Noms propres de géographie, d’histoire et de littérature modernes de la Chine 6 Dillon, Michael.

Bibliographic notes on studies on early China 20 Articles séléctionnées de la collection de périodiques / Institute of International Studies 21/1-3 Nhan, Nguyen H. Wen-lin Festschrift anlässlich des 25jährigen Bestehens der Staatlichen Tung-chi Universität 10 Papers presented to the XXI International congress of Chinese studies 11 Mélanges sinologiques 12 a-b Chine (Tel quel) 13 China : Festschrift für Alfred Hoffmann 14 Boodberg, Peter A.

The Chinese and Vietnamese languages and civilizations 22 Walravens, Hartmut. Selected works 15 Changing perspectives in the history of science 16 China – enduring scholarship 17 Lipman, Jonathan N. Chix d’études sinologiques 22 Tel quel 60, 1974 23 Tel quel 61, 1975 24 a-b National Chengchi University. Selected papers 26 Etudes d’histoire et de littérature chinoises 27 Franke, Herbert.

China-Literatur in der Universitätsbibliothek Leipzig : 15001939 4 Dudink, Ad. China’s developmental experience The master said Ropp, Paul S. Chronological handbook of the history of China 15 Loewe, Michael. Veränderungen der geschichtstheoretischen Auffassungen der chinesischen Historiker in der Nach-Mao-Ära Lee, Thomas H. Hong Mai’s record of the listener and its Song dynasty context Vogelsang, Kai. Geschichtsschreibung im Spannungsfeld zwischen Zentrale und Region am Beispiel der Jin-Zeit (265-420) Schneeewind, Sarah (ed.). Uses of the Ming founder across six centuries of Asian history Horner, Charles.

Chinese books and documents (pre-1900) in the Royal library of Belgium at Brussels Nr. Standortregister China 2 C 13 Bibliotheken : Kataloge 1850 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Exhibition of Chinese classics Union library system / The Chinese University of Hong Kong Moese, W. Russian works on China 1918-1960 List of CCRM monographic titles Sinica-Sammlung / Österreichische Nationalbibliothek Findeisen, Raoul D. The men who governed Han China 16/1-2 Lex Yao, Xinzhong. Rising China and its postmodern fate C 121 Geschichte : Allg.

„Ostasiatische Zeitschrift“ (1912-1943), „Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft für ostasiatische Kunst“ (1926-1943): Bibliographie und Register 17 Wu, Yifeng. The Cambridge encyclopedia of China 4 Kaderas, Christoph.

Cumulative indexes and abstracts to Journal of Chinese linguistics 18 Renditions : index no 1-32 C 31 Enzyklopädien / Lei shu : Texte / Allg. Die Leishu der imperialen Bibliothek des Kaisers Qianlong 5 Kurz, Johannes L.

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Index to Chinese literature 1951-76 12 Oksenberg, Michel. Historical dictionary of the civil war 14 Sivin, Nathan. Brill’s encyclopedia of China 16 China handbook 17 Chai, May-lee et al.

Inventar der China-Bibliothek des Gymnasiums am Kollenberg Basel 8 Boully, Jean-Louis. Routledge Curzon encyclopedia of Confucianism 17 Lex Guo, Jian et al. The rulers of China C 108 Kalender 1 2 Palmer, Martin. Antikchinesisches Kalenderwesen C 110 Heraldik / Flaggen / Wappen C 111 Historiographie / Shi lun / Shi ping 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Han, Yu-shan. The making of a sino-marxist world view Pilz, Erich. Studien – 1840 1 2 a-d 3 a-e 4 5 6 7 Vit 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Vit 21 22 23 24 Chi, Tsui.

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Skaityti » Vienas sėkmingiausių praėjusio dešimtmečio prancūzų veiksmo kino projektų atidunda atsinaujinęs ir pasikeitęs.… continue reading »

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Proms: Minors are, understandably, typically unfamiliar with tipping guidelines.… continue reading »

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In Norway, VG found 430 downloaders of child abuse material (also known as CAM), of which 78 have already been positively ID-ed by the team.… continue reading »

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