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They live in Plymouth and have two children, Aliza, three, and Alec, 11 months Foo hails from the Karen, a hill-tribe that inhabits north-east Thailand and south-west Burma.We met when I was backpacking around Thailand with a couple of girlfriends and he was our trekking guide. He was in his element: the consummate jungle man, scrambling up rock faces and grabbing snakes with his hands like a Thai Crocodile Dundee.In Thailand, domestic violence is common, and it’s accepted that married Thai men have their mistresses.But I learned that Karen culture is more equal in terms of gender politics and frowns on such practices.

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I hadn’t intended to get pregnant in Iraq, but I was overjoyed when I did. My Kurdish wasn’t good enough to talk to Jimmi’s female relatives about the changes I was going through and I couldn’t communicate through Jimmi, as Kurdish women don’t talk about women’s matters in front of men. So I came back to England, heavily pregnant, praying I could find a way to get Jimmi back here. When I calmed down, I realised how unusual it would be if an African man in his mid-thirties hadn’t fathered children.They’re nomadic herders who live on the Mongolian steppe.It was a beautiful place: blue skies and rolling green plains as far as the eye could see and, in the middle of it all, his family’s little white ger [Mongolian tent].Maybe we’d still be those carefree kids going clubbing. Their daughter, Zayla Malaika, was born in April Shyne and I met in Malawi in 2008, working on a touring theatre project about the Zimbabwean crisis. I recall my tears falling on to piles of frustrating paperwork. We married a few months later on my home island of Jersey.

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I’d heard about him: this brilliant dancer who’d had a car crash, was told he’d never walk again and had rehabilitated himself by force of will, moving to Malawi to work as a choreographer. For a break on our tour, we went to a music festival and all shared tents. Jersey isn’t very multicultural and I don’t think my parents had spoken to a black man before they met Shyne.When we did get to know each other, it was in unusual circumstances.

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