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10-Nov-2017 21:04

Through her soft protests and attempts to push my hands away from the button on her shorts, I unbuttoned them and slipped my hand in her panties.

She pushed her legs together, and as she did, I pulled her tank top up over her face, nearly all the way off.

His nose tickled my erect clit and he seemed to like what he smelled. He backed away at first, then sniffed some more, then finally began to lap at the folds of my pussy.

I reached down with one hand and spread my pussy lips for him so he could really dig in.

After a while, I got bolder and took his cock into my hands and gently stroke it.

I stood up to get dressed and as I did, the dog jumped up and put his paws on my waist and began to hump my leg.

I took this as a sign that he wasn't through with me yet.

Well, it started out with me giving the dog a bath.

I guess I was very horny at the time, hadn't had a man for over a year back then.As I moved closer to her and my hand found it's way to her inner thigh, she instinctively closed her legs a little bit. I put my free arm around her and softly kissed her neck.